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My journey


I joined Eat2Win 365 a month ago after my friend started and I saw her weight loss results. At first I was thinking oh no not another consultant that is going to tell me I need to cut out this food or that food out or tell me basically ‘You are fat!’ every week like some companies particularly do....Oh how wrong could I be!

Alex has been amazing not only helping me with my food and exercise diary and making better choices but just by being there for a chat when I need it. He checks in everyday and I can have a laugh and talk about anything I want. The support he gives is amazing and truly helps.

Within the first week I noticed my energy levels were getting better, I no longer felt tired and had more energy, by the second week I had started to walk everyday and by the third week I’m now jogging (me jogging, it is totally unheard of!).

The food, wow what can I say you can eat pretty much what you want as long as you stay within the goals which Alex calculates specifically for each client. The recipes in the library are amazing and the group post their dinners so you can get an idea of what other people are eating and request their recipes. Everyone is very friendly and the encouragement from people is overwhelming.

Strangely enough you actually look forward to your weigh day rather then dreading it. I’ve never felt like that with other plans. I was actually excited to jump on the scales and I wasn’t disappointed.... My first weigh in and I lost 17lbs!!!!! That’s the most I’ve lost in one month ever! My neighbours have noticed and made comments like aww your waist looks smaller or have you lost weight. I’m loving it. I can’t wait till next month when I get to jump on the scales again!

Eat2Win 365 and Alex Rogers are amazing!


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