Why Kerry Chooses to WIN!

Why choose to WIN?

I'm Kerry and I am 10 weeks into my journey with Alex and Eat2Win 365, I openly post about my journey, I share my progress on my social media and like any good follower, I like to spread the good word. I use the word follower, but I also have self-advocacy, and this is fundamental to success.  This is not my first rodeo I have never done fad diets, I am not a fan of taking tablets and I could not imagine living on milkshakes, I say this not knowing the nutrients, just my personal perspective. But I have followed other popular lifestyle changes.

What is the difference between me then and me now? We are two different people!

Me before had tried other popular lifestyle changes that addressed food, I was successful to a point as I did lose weight. I had access to the relevant literature to document and make good food choices, but at the same time, the boundaries were clear, I shall not discuss the psychological impact of Syns, eating away from the plan and the negative notions have unconsciously on the self. However, I did often feel like a cupboard picker, waiting for all to be asleep to sneak and eat in the shadows. This may not be a sentiment shared by all, this is just my opinion. I found that I would not add food eaten off plan to my diary due to the negative feelings I felt, almost ashamed. I fell of the wagon A LOT I would lose and then gain, lose, and gain some more. This yo-yo meant that I got to a point where I just began to gain and gain, after a while all that I had lost found its way back to me so effortlessly. The meetings are often a great sense of support however not one part of this felt personalised and tailor fitted to me. We speak often about how people process information, how different people learn and what individuals take away from how demonstrations are presented. It took me 3 times to fully get every aspect of the categorised aspects because of time limitations with my instructor. This just was not for me I needed so much more to fully get the changes in me and I did not realise how much I needed to heal until it was time to heal!

Me before Eat2Win 365

So me now, I am losing constantly, in the time I have been on this plan I have only gained 1 lb I had already lost. That has not happened again, and I shall tell you why! Alex! With Eat2Win 365, I have a personalised comprehensive plan custom built for me, my height, my weight, and my current exercise habits (which was minimal).  This is something that is reviewed and changed when needed. I Have access to free content that explores eating holistically as well as food diaries and planners not to forget the 100's of recipes and Get Started book. This is healing mentally, emotionally, physically and for those inclined, spiritually. Access to Yoga, HiiT, Meditation and a closed forum to discuss everything from progress to the impact current eating habits have in the different areas of life, from sex drive to sleep patterns. What’s better is this is client based and every one is on the same journey. I have never had access to such resources before and it finally made sense. I have daily check ins with Alex who is prepared to invest energy into setting you on the path of a healthier you, as long as you invest that same amount of energy back into you too. What is even better is although this is self-growth you are given the tools to do so as part of this plan. There are no pills, no shakes, no sins, no shame, no limits in terms to what you can you eat or how you eat it. I had to retrain my brain because the key to all this is not to see sins and free but to see good balance of protein, carbs, and fat!!! This is all set out for you! Plus, above all you can use the services as and when you wish, with optional PT and more.

Me now, 8 weeks in and 2 stone lost!

What does that mean for me now and the lockdown?

I see lots of friends struggling with the lockdown lbs, the dangers of PJs and comfies for some, but for me this means, not missing out on groups, having access to my instructor daily, including on the days I wanted to give up or didn't see the point. It means I can have candid conversations on the days I am not being kind to myself with Alex to find new excitement about being on the new road of finding me. I have had to be resourceful and find simple work outs from home, coupled with the exercises Alex set out, I have gained muscle definition and lost fat. I was worried about loose skin as I had seen what just focusing on food consumption can mean but thankfully Eat2Win 365 has minimised this. It has been hard, I have had frustration, tears, and annoyance with myself. Alex tells me, “you have been here before, look at how far you have come”. And “Make it Happen” is my new mantra and this is rooted in Eat2Win 365.

Simply put why choose to WIN?

When I have explained it to others (thankfully they have listened) that this is not just a group meet to confess your sins. This is about looking at yourself in the mirror. Owning where you are at with your health and mentality and then working at it within its entirety. You get access to work outs/yoga/meditation/free content. There is no evil, there is self-advocacy. Access to a full library, a get to know you book, tracker sheets and the additional aspects of the support is all included! However the key information is present in a comprehensive format which maximises consistent maintainable goals. Most importantly there are constant check ins and open discussions covering the fundamentals of life. This is not about 'let us eat healthier', this is about let us have a healthier body. Basically, other popular lifestyle plans are the CBT "Cognitive Behaviour Therapy" of the change in lifestyle, they deal just with changing the behaviour but not the reasons underpinning it. Eat2Win 365 is the humanistic approach which states we all have the capability to heal ourselves and find the answers we just sometimes need a guiding light... Alex is the light!

Eat2Win 365 is a Therapist led holistic programme which gets results and makes them permanent. Find out how Eat2Win 365 can help you achieve your body and health goals and get your first week free!

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