Why do I keep failing at my diet?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Failing at your diet is never a fun thing. You set out on your path to the perfect body, maybe eyeing up that swimsuit you want for your summer holiday. Everything goes well...for a bit. But those cravings, they are strong, and temptation is everywhere! When eventually you cave in to the cake you get that guilty feeling afterwards and commit to re-doubling your efforts. Starting again, even punishing yourself with extra abstinence. But again the binge beckons and the eat-guilt-punish playlist continues on repeat.

But weight loss is big business, companies like Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Herbalife grow while you slim and with the market expected to reach an estimated £220 Billion this year surely one of them can afford to figure out why the majority only manage a short term stint. Or perhaps they do know but aren't telling you because it will dent their profits?

So here, for free, are the top reasons your diet is destined to fail:

1. Humans do not cope well with being hungry!

Every mainstream commercial diet on the market requires its dieters to reduce their calories consumed through food, massively. You roll out of a festive period of high consumption straight to almost famine-like portions. Everyone is different and for a number of reasons the amount of calories your body needs to keep your core systems; your heart and blood pumping, your central nervous system and your lungs all doing the thing they do best, that number varies. But on average you need somewhere around 2,000 calories per day. We've seen many high street diets chopping that in half to 1,000 calories which is the equivalent of putting half the fuel in your car and expecting to go the same distance all without adjusting your driving technique. What happens when you simply run out of gas? Donuts happen. You crave quick release energy and that craving will lead you to sugary foods faster than you can say Dunkin' Donuts! Fail, repeat...

2. Malnutrition, 1st World problems

Malnutrition isn't just a third world thing you see on the news and during televised fundraisers. Many diets chop out or banish whole food groups meaning your body could be substantially lacking one of the nutrients it needs to perform a task such as help oxygenate your blood (Iron), or absorb calcium (vitamin D) or metabolise vitamin D so you can absorb Calcium (Fat).  Low Magnesium levels are known to trigger chocolate cravings. Stress (such as that caused by worrying about your diet) and eating too much sugar if you cave in and binge can deplete your Calcium and Magnesium stores, worsening cravings and making you a prime stress-eating candidate. Fail, repeat...

3. One size does not fit all

Commercial diets are almost always a one-size-fits-all affair. If everyone follows the same plan some will have success, perhaps longer than most. However, as we already established in point 1, everyone has different needs; a faster metabolism, a more active life, a disability that prevents exercise, medication which may increase appetite, sex, age, height, build. It's a long list but you get the point that we're all different, it makes the world a great place but but it doesn't make that diet any easier to stick to. Fail, repeat...

4. The media and its undying dedication to making us feel shit about the way we look

For every waking minute of our day there is a perfectly formed celebrity, model, or otherwise heavily airbrushed figure of apparent perfection being shoved in our faces via a backlit screen, glossy magazine or poster. The press love shoving our noses in it leaving us all feeling a little, well, imperfect! But what is perfect? If you ask 100 people that same question you'll get a hundred different answers so what is it with the quest for us all to look like we came off the same production line? Fail, repeat...

The simple solution to all of this is not to diet. There is no diet on the planet that delivers long term results and supports your health fully. The solution is Eat2Win 365.

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