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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We view weight loss as your overall health, being overweight can lead to serious long term health complications so we focus on improving your health overall with the food you eat being the route to improvement. To really get the most from Eat2Win 365 and your health, preparation is absolutely key. When I came up with the Eat2Win 365 concept I sat down to try and figure out why, when credible nutrition information is readily available from sources such as the NHS and there are 20 minute recipes being thrust in our faces via every backlit screen we look at throughout the day, why is it STILL that the biggest barrier to people keeping on top of their own health is that they are 'too busy'. Why?

So top of the list was to make Eat2Win 365 easy. I put special emphasis on my recipes to make them either fast to do in real time or easy to prep ahead for making your home cooked healthy meals your new convenience food. In under an hour you can hack up a couple of chickens and prep a Tandoori, Chicken Doner Kebab, Paella, knock up some Koftas or Quarter Pounders, (Yes, we really DO have all of those on our menu!) get some dough proving in the fridge for Wholewheat Pitta bread and make a batch of soup for your lunch and Fakd Nakd Bars for snacks. Throw in a bowl of overnight oats and you're all set, no skill required as the recipes are a step-by-step guide to success!

This is your Power Hour! This is your door to Narnia, well sort of. It's the door to your freezer which contains a week of dinners ready prepped and all you need to do is add some carbs and greens. Forget your 20 minute meals, Power Hour can get your weeknight dinners on the table in 10-12 minutes if you pick the right dishes!

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