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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Let’s start by considering how nature delivers the food that we eat. Colourful, flavourful, natural. It has a shelf life. It grows during a season, reaches a point of perfection, a point where it will deliver a package containing the most nutrients to our bodies possible. This natural state, or as close to it as possible is the epicentre, the very heart of what Eat2Win 365 is about. We make healthy food choices based on what is seasonal and natural. Eat2Win 365 is not a diet; think eating for wellness not just eating for weight loss and you’re on the right track.

Now consider what we have become familiar with over about the last 70 years. Cooking has become a task of convenience, something we now outsource. Huge corporations grew off the back of the need for families to save time on the task of food preparation and we have become entrenched in a world of convenience food. Big business, and big business doesn’t like to lose money so everything on the shelf of your local supermarket is crammed with artificially produced chemicals to make it look better, taste better and last longer so that we consumers buy more. UK Manufacturer Premier Foods, responsible for brands such as Sharwoods, Oxo, Bisto & Ambrosia, published revenues for 2014 of £767Million and made a commitment of ‘continued growth’ to their shareholders. The simple fact is that we are addicted to convenience and corporations are milking our addiction, treating us no better than battery farmed animals.

Welcome to Eat2Win 365, your assisted approach to kicking the habit of our lifetime without the cold turkey... well actually there will be some cold turkey recipes on our winter menu, but you get the point...

Don’t go hungry, ever!

When we get hungry the response is to eat. When we get past that stage your body goes into ‘starvation mode’. This is your body’s metabolic response to preserving you and your genes. Your metabolism slows so you burn less calories, you feel lazier and hungrier and your body will store as fat, not burn efficiently, any calories consumed in your next meals. So we say, eat! Eat 5-6 times a day, three main meals plus snacks containing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and a complex carbohydrate with each meal. Eating junk food that fills your belly but does not fulfil your nutritional requirements has the same negative effect, consuming a steady intake of natural food throughout your day will keep your body energised and burning calories efficiently.

Make organic food choices where possible

It’s not just suspicious chemicals in off the shelf packets you need to be wary of. Choose organic ingredients where possible, and as much as your budget will allow. If you are limited by budget, and let’s be honest, the best options aren’t always the cheapest, make meat, eggs and dairy your organic priorities.

Drink like a fish

We don’t mean the hard stuff! Drink at least two litres of water steadily through the day. The average human body is composed of around 65% water and water helps nutrients get to where they need to be. It’s also sensible to limit your consumption of alcohol which has a dehydrating effect on your system. Additionally it’s the function of your liver to break down and dispose of alcohol; it is also the Liver’s job to break down fat. Like most of us, if you give your liver too much to drink it can’t do its job properly and your body will store any fat which can’t be disposed of by your drunken Liver!

Read the label... closely!

For many years now it has been a legal requirement for food manufacturers to list all ingredients, including additives by weight % of the total item. Whereas natural foods contain very few (or no) ingredients, look out for those with a long list of stuff and let that be your personal alarm to avoid them. What’s more, whilst additives must be listed under European law they don’t have to be listed by their ‘E’ number and are often listed under a name which doesn’t immediately jump out to you as a chemical additive. So get label savvy.

Know the no-no’s

Stay away from anything high in trans fat, salt (sodium) and anything high in processed sugar. This is a tricky one as refined sugar goes under 66 different names. Avoid preservatives, colour additives, binding agents, stabilisers, emulsifiers and especially fat replacements. If you read ‘Low Fat’ on a label it usually means a chemical $hit storm!

Eat healthy fats

We have long been lead to believe that all fat is bad, it’s been demonised forever. But EFA’s or Essential Fatty Acids play a crucial role in helping our bodies absorb certain vitamins such as A, D and E responsible for the correct function of our immune systems, preventing rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults, and act as anti oxidants preventing damage to our cell membranes.

Control your portions

Eat2Win 365 is as much about quality as quantity. Don’t go hungry but don’t over eat and remember it takes about 15 minutes for your brain to realise your stomach is full so slow things down and savour the flavour.

Plan ahead

With just a little more planning you can have oven ready winning meals and snacks in abundance.

Find out more about how Eat2Win 365 can get you your goals and get your first week free!

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