Is under eating keeping you fat?

I’ve been consulting clients as a Nutritional Therapist for a long time and over that time one of the most common habits I see is a tendency to under eat. That is to consume calories significantly below what would be considered enough for your body to continue to function safely.

Before I even give one word of advice to a client I calculate their individual metrics (image), every one of you has your own metrics and you probably won’t know what they are or how important they are to you. I calculate these so I know what the safe parameters are to advise you and build a plan that will be effective. You see we all burn energy 24x7, even when we sleep our central nervous system and cardiovascular system are working and we burn energy regulating our temperature by sweating to keep cool or shivering to warm up. The unit of measurement used to denote human energy consumption is the good old Calorie. And so it goes that every human body has a lower limit that consumption under this point will cause your metabolism to slow down to conserve energy to fuel these essential systems. It’s built in, its primal, it’s a survival instinct that we cannot switch off. And you probably wouldn’t want to.

An example of a client plan

Now this figure is different for everyone hence why these metric calculations are so important. If I set every new client the same lower calorie target figure some would drop fat as expected, some would burn fat slowly and some would gain so they have to be calculated on an individual basis to enable the right amount of fat burn to reach their goals safely and without going too low that you end up storing energy as fat.

You don’t get that on a high street diet like Weight Watchers or Slimming World or from your Herbalife or Juice Plus rep (that’s as in ‘sales rep’), it’s one size fits all. And you don’t have that information when you decide to ‘healthy eat’ on your own and use the information you’ve been force fed by fad diets spouting pseudo science and misleading media for decades; replacing sugar with a chemical alternative (still releases insulin can lead to diabetes, makes you more hungry when your brain doesn’t get the serotonin release from carbs), going fat free (we need fat in our diet to absorb some nutrients, vitamins A, D, E & K), low or no carb (carbs are our primary source of energy and they are the ONLY energy source used by our brain). And so on...

It may be surprising to hear that in 5 years of running Eat2Win 365 I have spent more time telling clients to eat more than I have spent telling them to eat less to lose weight. Your metabolism needs regular feeding to work efficiently and an efficient metabolism will burn more stored body fat than an inefficient one.

So my point which I’ll come to now at the end of this rather long post is simply this: Don’t go hungry, eat regularly from nature’s pantry - natural foods not processed. Under eat risk and undoing all your good work by storing it all back.

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