Attack the hills

On my run this morning I had a thought which popped into my head, and then stayed there, growing before blossoming into a concept which I’d like to share.

As a runner I know that no real benefit comes from running on a flat even road. The hills is where it’s at and when I hit a hill I push as hard and fast as I can. I attack the hill, give it everything, don’t let it win. But when I reach the peak and and the road dips away and becomes easier, I don’t let up. The incline, as hard as I was pushing slowed me down and so the decline is where I’ll make the time up. Attack the hills whether you’re up against them or they are behind you.

And that concept can be applied too to life’s struggles. When we are up against life’s hills it’s all too easy to not push, to slow down or stop and even roll back a little. And when things are a little easier again it’s all too easy to just kick back and coast down life’s hills. If you want to improve, develop new skills and evolve, attack life’s hills both when they are against you and behind you.

Have a great day, stay safe.


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