7 Tips to stay cool and energised during a heatwave

Wherever you are in the UK the next few days are set to be hot, yeah it does happen occasionally. Me personally I love the heat, you will never catch me complaining that it’s too hot but I know that many people struggle when the temperature soars, I see it reflected in my clients diaries with less exercise and in lots of cases with a reduced food intake. The lower intake can often lead to exhaustion, low mood and snappiness and an unavoidable urge to binge, so to help you cope with that here’s a few tips you can use in and out of the kitchen to keep cool and energised during hot weather.

1) If you are at home, first thing in the morning open all your windows and doors but keep your blinds and/or curtains closed. This will help keep the indoor temperature lower throughout the day.

2) Hydrate! Keep a bottle of water, iced if you like, on hand at all times and sip, sip, sip. Cold water doesn’t just cool and refresh us it is absolutely essential in the body for temperature regulation, that means it keeps you cool when it’s hot out and warm when it’s cold. Water is an often overlooked nutrient and probably the most important one.

3) If you are committed to your workout plan try and get it done early, before it gets hot or late when it’s cooled. And if you do workout, drink more water!

4) You won’t want to spend an hour in a hot kitchen making it even hotter so for mealtimes have something you already prepared ready. That’s meals prepped in advance as we do at Eat2Win 365 or planned leftovers which is another thing I always promote. “Cook once, eat twice”, it’s a great way to minimise kitchen time which is helpful not just on hot days but busy ones too!

5) If cooking anything at all is an absolute no-go, salads are great and will provide a little nutrition but are relatively low in energy - calories so they may still leave a gap that makes you de-energised and sluggish. Dress to impress! Home made Salad dressings containing good fat (olive or rapeseed oil) and freshly squeezed citrus with fresh herbs add flavour and more good calories with little effort and they can be prepped well in advance, and you can boost the flavour and efficacy of a salad based meal by adding nuts, seeds, fruit, cheese even cold cuts.

6) Graze. From the pantry of Mother Nature herself. Fruit, nuts and seeds are all great ways to keep your metabolism ticking over and your energy up. Little and often is the thing to bare in mind here.

7) Rest. One of the key elements to any healthy lifestyle, just as much as good nutrition and exercise is rest. Take a nap, take a few naps and do so during the hottest part of the day.

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