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My journey ... continued

Week 18 of my journey (just over 4 months) after commenting on a post which then led to a chat with Alex, I explained I had wanted to lose weight but had got into a lazy way of eating, gone up and down for years and just had no motivation, I had just changed jobs after 14 years, lockdown had begun and my anxiety had hit a high again (although I suffer almost daily anyway), little did I know then my journey had started, with that first chat, my start weight was 12 stone 12, I explained I had been to the gym off and on for about 10 years, I never wanted a diet I wanted a life style change, yet was stuck.

My son who had just left school (earlier than he should have due to lockdown) wanted to lose weight so naturally I wanted to help him so I started Eat2Win365 with Alex and I was cooking things I'd never even thought I would and the meals were a success with everyone in the house! Alex and the group have been amazing and supportive and sharing ideas and encouraging each others success the turning point for me was helping my son as if it was for myself I would probably still be the same weight, yet fast forward to today and I've lost 2 stone 6lbs! I'm more confident in my clothes, wearing clothes I haven't been able to in years and feeling more myself. My son has lost weight and now wants to cook more and is happy in himself. So for me while trying to help someone else with Alex's Eat2Win365 techniques I have also helped myself, it hasn't been easy and its not a quick fix, but stick with it and it will be more than worth it its a lifestyle change not a diet, its only when you look into what you eat, you realise how much you eat. It can be challenging at times and you will have questions or meltdowns over "how do I get through, I've got a party or get together coming up and I don't want to go backwards" yet Alex is there to answer those questions and guide you through as well as the group. Best thing I have done in years, I highly recommended it


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