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My journey

Hi my name is Laura and I want to tell you all how my amazing journey with Eat2Win 365 started.


Before I met Alex I was your typical person with very bad eating habits I was in a bad place through personal reasons and turned to food as a coping mechanism I found that eating was the only thing I had control over in my life and because of this I ended up putting on over 7 stone in 7 years which made me miserable and lose all my confidence.

And last year in July 2019 I became very unwell and ended up in hospital and through lots of testing found I have a rare condition called dysfunctional sphincter of oddi and also have biliary dyskinesia so I'm now on 9 different medications 4 of which cause weight gain and ended up putting another stone on.


I've tried every kind of diet but they never seemed to work for me and I felt like giving up. Then in May 2020 I met Alex who told me he could help me and explained to me that this is not a diet but a way to help me make changes in the way I see food and make healthier choices while still being able to enjoy eating. 


Me and Alex talked in great lengths about why I've been using food as a coping mechanism and what I could do to help change the way I think about food. I'm not gonna lie and say I wasn't hesitant because I was as I've tried so many different ways of dieting but to no avail. But I knew if I didn't change the way I think about food than I was heading down the road to more serious declining health, so I came into this determined to change my life.

I did my first weigh in and I was 21stone 4.8lbs and that was a massive eye opener to how bad I'd let things get.

The first week was a massive struggle for me as I had some personal things happen and I wanted to turn to food but Alex was such an amazing support that he steered me off that food cliff and I was proud of myself for not going back to old habits. It did take me about 2 weeks just to wrap my head around it all and adjust my portion sizes but once I got the knack of it it was easy. Alex keeps in touch with me every single day to make sure I'm OK to see what I'm doing right, what I could be doing better and where I could make changes. He has been a massive support for me, knowing he is always there to just listen to any of my concerns or to just give me a gentle kick up the bum to stay on track which I definitely need sometimes haha! What also helps is keeping a daily food diary so I know exactly what I've eaten and the calories I've consumed.


I started Eat2Win 365 on 14th may 2020 weighing in at 21 stone 4.8lbs and I've now done a full month and finally reached my first my weigh in day on 11th June 2020. I was nervous and excited all at the same time and I get on them scales and they say I'm now 20 stone 4lbs, I managed to lose a whooping 14.08lbs! I cant believe how happy I am that I did it and I know I could never have done it without the support, encouragement and motivation Alex has given me and not only that but he has given me so much hope and determination that I CAN do this.


I honestly couldn't recommend anybody else but Alex, he is so intuitive to everybody's personal needs and specific requirements and there daily for you if you have any worries or questions. So thank you Alex, and I can't wait for my next monthly weigh in!.

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