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My journey

My weight has been up and down for as long as I can remember. I have tried the gym on and off for years but have never stuck to it, healthy eating, cutting out rubbish food. Never really done the whole diet thing as I always wanted a long term lifestyle change and not a quick fix. I suffer with anxiety and everyday can be a struggle without the worry of how I look and feel (which has been frumpy and unattractive with skin outbreaks for a while now) and although it shouldn't matter how you look, it really shouldn't matter but trying to tell yourself that is hard. Plus I'm always last on my list to worry about, so 'me' gets pushed to the side.

I left my job of 14 years (which was hard to do) the end of March (just as lockdown started) for me to walk out the door on my last day like it was a normal day (which upset me) then my new job was postponed about 2/3 times so I ended up feeling really down and didn't want to do anything.


Food consisted of anything that could be shoved in the oven and left without any thought to it, quick easy and edible that's what mattered. My son who is 16 decided he wanted to do some home exercise while in lockdown. So I started looking at healthier food for him at first, 2 weeks later he was still training this didn't seem to just be a 2 min phase like normal. My new job had finally given me a start date and I thought I have to sort myself out, as I have gone from physical job to an office...Queue Alex! I had commented on a Facebook post and he encouraged me to have a chat. So I did, that was 5 weeks ago now and in those 5 weeks I have joined an encouraging group of people with the same goal, to have a healthier relationship with food. Alex has been amazing for support and guidance with a little kick up the backside when needed, without his help I wouldn't have lost 10lb in just over 4 weeks! I can now fit into a t-shirt I haven't been able to wear in 7 years! Eat2Win 365 is also having a positive effect on my family, especially my son who now helps with cooking food and is loving what we are eating.

Thank you Eat2Win 365!


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