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My journey

I started during the lockdown when I grew increasingly unhappy with the way I looked. I had an unhealthy relationship with food and would eat under any stress, well to be honest when I felt any emotion I would eat! It was my go to and it would always be comfort and it would always be large amounts.


I had done other popular lifestyle plans which lead me to drink only diet fizzy and if it was free food then I was eating a fair amount of it.


These plans which worked years ago did nothing for me! Cue Alex! I began his plan, my new life style 2 months ago today.

I was super excited that I could possibly lose what I felt trapped in at this point. I had to break ALOT of not so great habits and some of those were instilled with good intentions.


The initial start up was great. Alex is very understanding and felt in-tune with what I wanted after a great discussion. This included what lead me up to that point, this covered my mental health, previous trauma and poor coping strategies. This being said Alex was willing to listen to what I was willing to share and that was fine! With that and my diameters Alex produced a comprehensive personal plan and off I went. Alex is consistent and checks in regularly, has access to my food and exercise diary for the day and will graciously hold me accountable for choices, as well as seeing where I can improve and how!


My first challenge was portion size and it took me a week to break that habit. 3 weeks in I honestly felt disheartened, having a down day, Alex gave me my daily message and with some kindness and encouragement he really turned that around, I become more positive and in that first month I lost a stone! Then the next month 11lbs! To date I'm 25lbs lighter with a consistent 3.1lb loss every week. I feel amazing!


The great part of this all, is that I have access to 1-2-1 coaching, with the room for PT if I choose. I have access to pre-loaded videos from Yoga, HIIT like exercises and for us spiritual types, meditations. I have access to 100s of recipes, Alex's book of how to get started and lots of information about why the body does what it does and what to know to achieve it! I have unlimited access to fantastic support I receive from others in a private group where we share inspiration, share our end results from the recipes, and general emotional support.


This journey has been an holistic one for me, I receive lots of physical support, but more important for me I have mental and emotional support. This does feel like therapy and as I begin to heal all that's on the inside the outside is beginning to feel fantastic. I am 3lbs away from being half way to my end target and I just want to keep on going, it's not about how fast you can loose though we are reminded this is not a sprint and that a slow steady wins the race!


The exercise is great. There is no pressure to exercise it's definitely not a boot camp but the more you put in the more you get out! I have needed to shield this entire time...and will do for more months to come so I found light exercise like walking exercises and making sure I did Alex's workout routines 3/5 times a week have helped, my legs have fantastic muscle definition and my stomach is a lot flatter .... also thanks to the better eating choices I am never bloated! No pills, no milkshakes, just eating good. I would recommend Alex if you want to lose weight but if you want to heal from the inside and the out then there isn't any one but Alex I would suggest.


Thank you Eat2Win 365!


Kerry's shrinking jeans size: 22, 20 & now 18!

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