About the Eat2Win 365 Coach Alex Rogers

I’m a Nutritional Therapist and I provide a complete range of services based on my clients individual and specific dietary needs. In many cases and especially during lockdown that is straightforwardly fat loss, but this can also be fat loss to help people who have lifestyle related illnesses such as Diabetes, Hypertension or high Cholesterol. I can also help with healthy weight gain either sport and performance based nutrition or for people who are recovering from long-term illness or surgery. And I also assist people who wish to transition to a meat free or entirely plant based diet for their health or for ethical reasons.


I help my clients by giving them one-to-one coaching towards goals they set and based on metrics I calculate for them individually. I do this 100% online via direct message and a private group and all my clients have access to over 150 recipes, some workouts and other resources I have developed over the 5 years I have run my private practice.


Simply put I get to know you and your goals; what you are trying to achieve. Then I get you to weigh and take a few measurements and I put together a bunch of food and exercise targets to work towards daily/weekly. You log these using an app, I can see what you do and what you eat from my end of the app, and we speak daily via direct message to get and keep you motivated and on track.

What is Eat2Win 365?

Human nutrition is the study of the effects that any part of the diet, any of a selection of foods normally eaten by a person or population, has on the human. It's a complex science which overlaps with Psychology, Bio-Chemistry, Physiology, and Sociology. Human nutrition goes way beyond food and eating. The human's health, physical and mental attributes, their religious, social or cultural ties and beliefs, and the quality, farming and manufacturing methods of the food all come into play when assessing and planning a healthy diet for an individual making it an interesting but often extremely complex science. However, at Eat2Win 365 we don't think it should be complicated for you.

Our skilled and qualified coach will educate you using training materials which translate the complex multi-faceted science of nutrition to make it accessible for all. We will focus on breaking bad habits which have been learned, coping mechanisms for stress for example which have led to emotional eating being commonplace, and on the development of new good habits which will remain with our clients for life. Our qualified, accredited and insured Nutritional Therapist consults with every client and hand crafts a tailored goal plan to guide them to their health and weight loss goals safely. And all of our recipes are developed by a professional chef using easily obtainable ingredients and methods which take the effort out of home cooking.

In short, Eat2Win 365 is the most comprehensive programme available to anyone who seeks to take control of and improve their health or lose weight and change their lives for the better, permanently.

Is Eat2Win 365 a diet?

No. The word diet is often used to describe a weight loss plan of which there are many commercially available. In that respect 'a diet' is a temporary or short term fix of the consequences of a lack of proper education in nutrition and of the outside influences which contribute to poor health or weight gain. Eat2Win 365 is not 'a diet' as in the context of a weight loss plan, Eat2Win 365 is a healthy diet learned and applied to fit in to our fast moving modern lifestyle.

Will I get a meal plan?

No. Meal plans are neither flexible, adaptable or suitable to modern day living. We do not prescribe what and when you should eat. Instead we educate our clients on what and how they should eat to benefit their health. This method ensures that every client develops knowledge and habits which will keep them autonomously healthy for life.

Do I need to stick to a calorie or macronutrient goal?

During the consultation and goal planning stages our Nutritional Therapist will fully assess your physiology, factor in your ability to perform physical exercise and account for any long term illness, disability or medication you may take, review your lifestyle and ability to eat well if you are busy and any learned habits which may lead you to stress eat, binge eat or go long periods without food. After this we will provide you with a personalised plan which guides you towards your ideal macro and calorie targets within a range to make it easy for you to develop the habits which will get you and keep you where you want to be. Tracking and counting your intake is not a manual process, the app does this for you, you can even scan the barcode of what you're eating to make it easier. 

How do I get access to my Coach?

Your coach is available by direct message 7 days a week between 9am and 6pm and outside of these hours often via the private group. We provide one-to-one coaching for confidential discussions and group coaching to share with other clients on a similar journey to you. This dual method of coaching delivers a far greater level of success in a far shorter time than the traditional method of visiting a nutritionist for a face to face consultation once per week, fortnight or month.

Do you provide face to face consultations or weigh ins?

No. We deliver our services 100% online from signup to success. This means you can expect access to your plan, your coach, our recipes, how-to videos, workout videos, the group and our induction eBook at any time from any device. If you are in the supermarket making food choices, or on holiday struggling with local ingredients we are on hand in real time to help. 

Do I have to exercise?

Eat2Win 365 takes a food first approach to your health. You can achieve a great deal through changes to your diet alone. However exercise even at a moderate level will support your journey, improve your health and enrich your life. We have a qualified and insured Personal Trainer on the team who can set you a workout schedule tailored to what you are capable of. Workouts can be short, simple and can can be done from the comfort and privacy of your own home using our tuition videos all available at any time. And should you be unable to exercise due to a disability or condition such as a back or other mobility injury, you can opt out of exercise and have your nutrition plan built to support fat loss without it.

I am a Diabetic, can you help with my diet?

Yes. Alex is experienced with both Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes. We can provide you with assistance to avoid Diabetes if you have been diagnosed as pre-Diabetic and we can plan for weight loss and specific foods to help you recover if you have been diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus - Type 2.

I have high blood pressure (Hypertension), can you help with my diet?

Yes. We can factor your high blood pressure into your plan and assist you with getting it under control. We do not recommend you deviate from your GP's advice and will work alongside their diagnosis with complementing Nutritional Therapy to speed up recovery.

I have high Cholesterol, can you help with my diet?

Yes. We can factor your high Cholesterol into your plan and assist you with getting it under control. We do not recommend you deviate from your GP's advice and will work alongside their diagnosis with complementing Nutritional Therapy to speed up recovery.

I have a history of Stroke and/or Heart Attack in my family, can you help?

Yes. Even if you are at a higher statistical risk from Stroke or Heart Disease due to genetics, changes to your diet now can reduce your chances of of Stroke, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD).

I want to start a family, can my diet influence my chances of falling pregnant?

Yes. Our Nutritional Therapist specialises in Maternal and Paediatric health and we have seen the birth of two healthy babies from healthy mothers at Eat2Win 365 in the last few years. We can also assist with weight loss prior to conception which reduces risk during pregnancy to baby and mother, and post partum with mum's weight loss.

I'm a new mum and I'm breastfeeding, is it safe to lose weight?

Yes. There are a number of additional factors which need to be accounted for to do so safely. But we can accommodate weight loss while supporting nutrient levels which nourish your baby and keep your energy up. Our Nutritional Therapist specialises in Maternal and Paediatric health and we have seen the birth of two healthy babies from healthy mothers at Eat2Win 365 over the last couple of years.

Is it expensive to scratch make all the food my family and I eat?

No. There will be a number of changes to the types of food you buy and eat but it is no more expensive to shop for food. You will also be eating less takeaway and ready made foods which can mean your overall expenditure on food is less.

Can my whole family eat the same food?

Absolutely yes. We developed Eat2Win 365 with busy families in mind. You, your partner, your children and any guests to your table can eat, enjoy and benefit from our recipes and your cooking.

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