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My journey

Hi, I'm Ellie and I'd like to share with you a little about the beginning of my journey with Eat2Win 365.


The picture on the left was me in April 2020. Like many others, quarantine was taking its toll on my health. Too much booze and snacking on junk food. Not to mention smoking. The picture on the right is today, June 14th.


After 5 weeks on Eat2Win 365 I have lost 13lbs, despite having given up smoking. But this is just the start for me.

The last 7 years I have been in denial. Avoiding mirrors and photos, my weight sneaking upwards and me trying to turn a blind eye but getting miserable. Every year I have a little purge and last year lost 1.5 stone for my wedding.

Leaving my weight loss mission to the last minute I had to push hard to shift weight before the wedding and as with every year I piled it all back on and a little extra. Time for change! Having had Alex's support with Eat2Win 365 previously, I knew what I had to do practically, but this time I am addressing the barriers I have previously put up in maintaining a healthy life and weight.


This time I have an ambitious long term goal. Alex has helped me with a plan for the short and medium term, to help me meet that goal. I've never been so focussed on getting there. I suffer with joint pains, Alex's workouts, Yoga and advice on exercise modification alongside the inspiration and motivation from other groups members is pushing me and I am loving it!


This time it's not just about getting to a short term goal but enjoying the journey and making new habits. I feel fitter, my body tone is changing and whilst there is a way to go to be a healthy weight, the difference is noticeable. Thanks Alex and Eat2win365!

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